Managing Structured Investments

Blue Bell Private Wealth Management monitors on a daily basis proprietary models of listed structured investments which provide:

  • Positive returns during flat markets,
  • Portfolio growth during moderately down markets,
  • Built in buffer against downward market movements,
  • Ability to invest at discounts to intrinsic value with short maturity dates

Our separately managed accounts have access to numerous Structured Investments, which adds diversification and balance to a managed portfolio. We tailor an allocation to match your needs, risk tolerances, and market views. Below are different characteristics available:

Structured Investment Types

  • Full Principal at Risk (EARNS)
  • Partial Principal Protection (BRENS, CURLS, CPDNS)
  • Full Princpal Protection (PPNS)
  • Yield Enhancement (REVCONS)

Multiple Indices

  • Domestic: S&P 500, DJIA, Nasdaq-100, Russell 2000
  • International: MSCI EAFE, Nikkei 225, DJ Euro Stoxx 50
  • Other: Energy Sector, Currencies, Commodities

Multiple Maturities (Ladder Portfolio)

  • Designed to meet individual financial objectives including time horizon, risk tolerance, income and principal preservation
  • Provides structure, stability, and predictable flow of capital
  • Reduces exposure to reinvestment risk
  • Captures price appreciation


  • BBPWM recommends not buying just one Structured Investment but having a managed laddered portfolio of many structured investments. A laddered structured investment portfolio not only adds diversification but will:
  • Meet clients’ financial objectives including time horizon, risk tolerance, income, and principal preservation
  • Provide structure, stability, and predictable flow of capital
  • Reduce market volatility
  • Minimize significance of point-to-point transactions
  • Reduce exposure to reinvestment risk
  • Capture price appreciation

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