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What effect do elections have on the stock market?

We are sure you are all aware, there is an election coming up. Contentious elections such as the one we are about to face are sure to cause uncertainty in the stock market.

Beware of the “Easy” Times In The Stock Market

Blue Bell Private Wealth Management

We were nearing the final days of one of the worst quarters in the last 10 years and the doom and gloom prognosticators were all over the TV telling everyone to get out before it gets worse.

Plan Now to Avoid Panic Later

After a rather trouble-free first half of the year, increased volatility returned with a vengeance during the third quarter causing many investors to re-evaluate their strategies.

Economic Optimism in a Cautious Environment

Economic Optisim

During a worldwide pandemic, government mandated lockdowns, record unemployment, political discord, social unrest, and murder hornets (remember these), does this equal the perfect time to invest?

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