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The team at Blue Bell Private Wealth Management is small enough to offer our clients personalized investment services, while being large enough to access investments typically reserved for Institutional / High Net-worth Individuals.

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Everybody deserves to be confident in their retirement plan. We sit down with all of our clients to ensure that they are prepared for their future.

Social Security

Social Security has become one of the main sources of replacing income in retirement. Which is why we help our clients to create a plan and make an informed decision about their benefits.


We offer complementary 401(k) reviews and will help you make an informed decision on how to allocate your savings.


All of our clients portfolios are custom tailored to fit their financial goals.

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Our insights page is how we communicate our current thoughts and feelings about personal finance.  We regularly post about market trends, investment strategies, retirement planning, and social security in an easy to digest blog format.

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Market Update

Markets Rising

Why are Markets Rising When Headlines Appear Ominous?   It was not long ago that many investors were asking how

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Consider Gifting to Charity

If you itemize your deductions the IRS allows you to deduct up to 50% of your adjusted gross income to any donations made to a qualifying charity. However, with the standard deduction doubling many people will lose the ability to itemize. If you no longer itemize but still wish to donate to charity, please contact us to hear about alternatives.

Don’t have a charity in mind?

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Review your plan and Portfolio

It is important to review your portfolio and accounts frequently. Having a plan is important, however we believe the execution of the plan is just as important. Otherwise it can quickly become a useless packet of paper. Please reach out to us if you would like to discuss any of these areas further.

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