What makes this business special is our relationships with our clients.
BBPWM was founded in 2005 to improve every client’s financial life. Having worked for far too long at a Wall Street firm, the founding partners became disenfranchised as demands to sell products grew. We wanted to flip the script, putting our clients and their families first by working with them as fiduciaries. We concluded that the best way to achieve this goal was to offer independent, fee-only investment and planning advice. At BBPWM, we build generational relationships with our clients guiding them and their families to achieve financial freedom and security.

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Proactive risk management tailored for you

Together, we craft a personalized portfolio that aligns with your distinct risk profile. Through our comprehensive three-pronged strategy, our goal is to build an optimal portfolio for all market scenarios.

Clear-fee structure means nothing to hide

As a true fee-only advisor, we are as transparent as possible with our clients. Fee-only means the only way we are paid is by our clients. No commission or kickback from the investment we choose. This allows us to act in your best interest 100% of the time and aligns our success with yours.

Independent, unbiased team approach

As an independent advisor, we deliver an unparalleled client experience built on continuous communication and impartial guidance. Our collaborative team structure guarantees you unfettered access to an accumulated expertise of over 120 years. This distinctive approach has given our firm the privilege of serving multiple generations within families, spanning from the third to the fourth.


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Custom Tailored Portfolios

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Who We Are

Blue Bell Private Wealth Management is a fee-only investment management firm located in suburban Philadelphia. Over the last 20 years, the partners and team of Blue Bell Private Wealth Management have been dedicated to helping clients maximize their financial goals. Through a team effort, we seek to build and maintain long-term relationships using constant, effective communication and impeccable service.

Wealth management insights

Our insights page is how we communicate our current thoughts and feelings about personal finance.  We regularly post about market trends, investment strategies, retirement planning, and social security in an easy to digest blog format.

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