Case Studies


$24,000 Saved Through Tax Planning

Last year one of our high-net-worth investors had us review his joint income tax return. The couple are both over 70 and are required to take mandatory distributions from each of their IRAs. The husband has served on various charity boards of directors over his career and the couple are closely affiliated with various charities. Naturally they want to support these charities monetarily, as they believe strongly in their missions.

Optimizing Tax Saving Strategy

This case study examines the financial situation of a young couple, both 28 years old, who are high earners with a combined annual income of approximately $450,000, including bonuses. The couple sought the assistance of a registered investment advisor to help them with investments, retirement planning, and tax planning. This case study highlights the advisor's recommendations and strategies to maximize tax efficiency, increase retirement savings, and plan for future healthcare expenses.

Helping High Earners Plan Cashflow 

To ensure confidentiality, we will refer to our clients, John and Linda Smith. A few months ago, they approached us seeking assistance in establishing a financial plan.  Despite being in their mid-30s, they had not previously sought financial guidance and had managed their finances on their own. However, they realized the importance of having a comprehensive financial plan and sought our expertise to help them achieve their goals.