Taxes are a drag: ETF Tax Efficiency vs. Mutual Fund Inefficiency

Mutual Funds Article

Mutual fund annual distributions can create a major “tax drag” on your real after-tax return with annual fund tax costs potentially two times the annual fund expense ratio. Most ETFs never pay out capital gains and you determine when to take a capital gain by selling your shares of the ETF. Mutual funds distribute capital […]

Financial planning: Clarity, Confidence, Strategies

Financial Planning

Key Takeaways: Financial planning can be complex because it is designed to maximize financial resources and tie in all aspects of a client’s financial life. A process is needed to understand your goals, objectives, current financial position, and the resources that can be deployed to better your financial outlook or keep more of your financial […]

Retirement Planning – The 3 Main Stages of Planning for Financial Independence

3 Main Stages of Retirement Planning

Key Takeaways: Financial planning is critical to financial success in all stages of adult life. Accumulation Transition Decumulation Know what you control and know what you cannot control. Work with a true advisor that always acts in your best interest and builds a long-term relationship with you. Need to speak with an advisor, click here […]

Meme Stocks, Game Theory, and The Prisoner’s Dilemma – AMC Stock, GameStop Stock, Etc.

AMC Stocks | What to Know

Intro: Fascinating and surreal. This is how I would describe the recent social distortions of long-standing economic principles of modern society when it comes to the discussion of “meme” stocks like AMC Entertainment Holdings (Ticker: AMC) and GameStop (Ticker: GME). I do not think any serious fundamental analyst or experience business valuation expert would consider […]

IRS Confusing Tax Policy That Could Affect Your Retirement or Future Generations

IRS Tax Policy that Could Affect Retirement

The New 10-year-Rule for Inherited IRA Distributions Intro: Fairness and honesty…I think these are things that most of us want in our daily dealings. Then, enter the IRS; more of a political entity than a fair and honest public trust institution. After all, the IRS does stem from the Executive branch of the US Government. […]