Blue Bell Private Wealth Management is a fee-only investment management firm.

We are located in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, a nearby suburb of Philadelphia.

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With over 80 years combined experience, the partners and team of Blue Bell Private Wealth Management have been dedicated to helping clients maximize their financial goals. Through a team effort, we seek to build and maintain long-term relationships using constant, effective communication and impeccable service. Our goal is to permanently improve every client's financial position, simplify their lives and achieve reliable investment results.

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“Frexit” Odds Decrease

The European markets and the majority of developed country stock markets are rallying on Monday after the first round of voting in French presidential election. Emmanuel Macron and Marie LePen will now face off on May 7th. This was considered the ideal scenario for the future of the European Union as polling predicts that pro-EU… Read more »

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Blue Bell is a multi-year FIVE STAR WEALTH MANAGER winner, INDEPENDENT REGISTERED INVESTMENT ADVISOR and SPA Chairman’s Leading Edge Advisor

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