While We’re Young!

June 6, 2014 | by Justin Capetola

In the chart “Benefit of Saving Early”, you can see a very valuable lesson is being taught.


Much like the quote “While we’re young!” from the movie Caddyshack, you shouldn’t be taking too long in deciding whether it’s a good idea to save money earlier rather than later. Sure it is great to take your time and make sure you have everything in order before you make that “big swing” or in this case investment decision. If you have the means and are capable of placing some money away into a retirement fund, or some form of annual investment it clearly shows that the outcome is highly beneficial to you. So if you have: children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, friends, or anyone that fits this category please explain to them about proper saving fundamentals, and how they can improve their wealth for the future by making that “big swing” NOW.  Please do not hesitate to call and schedule a meeting if you or a friend would like to learn more.