Don’t Let Annuities Eat You Alive

This past weekend, published two articles discussing fixed-index annuities and the potential harm they pose to elderly people and savers in general. Both articles can be found here and here and we highly recommend everyone read them. We almost never recommend that any of our clients purchase annuities at Blue Bell Private Wealth Management. […]

Could An Annuity Be Hurting Your Retirement Goals?

We have written a lot about what we like to invest in for our clients and what we think investors should be doing to prepare for retirement. Over the course of the next few weeks we will be discussing investments that we feel almost every investor can ignore and avoid with complete confidence. These investments, […]

Annuities – If They Sound Too Good To Be True, They Probably Are

Many variable annuities and index annuities promise a guaranteed return with upside stock market potential. You may have heard “You go up when the market goes up but you won’t go down when it goes down.”  What’s the catch? Let me begin by stating that the comments below refer to annuities sold as investment vehicles […]