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Is Your Advisor Working in Your Best Interests?

April 5, 2016


• Is your advisor prioritizing you?
• Are you working with a fiduciary?
• Are you working with an advisor that receives compensation for selling financial products?
• What is the difference between a broker, a fee-based advisor, and a fee-only advisor?

Broker – Paid commissions for each order placed for securities executed on their customer’s behalf

Fee-based – Receive part of their compensation in the form of commission or kickback for recommending certain financial products

Fee-only – Does not accept any commissions for recommending products or services; only compensation is from the client

With commissioned brokers and fee-based advisors, you may see some of what the advisor is paid but not everything; hidden compensation can be higher than what you are actually shown. Why is this important? Your investments may be selected based on what is best for your broker not what is best for you.

At Blue Bell Private Wealth Management we are an independent fee-only registered investment advisor that is upfront with all of your fees. Our compensation is derived solely from our clients so our loyalty is to them. We act as an investment fiduciary for our clients meaning we have an affirmative duty of care, loyalty, honesty, and good faith to act in their best interests.

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Is Your Advisor Working in Your Best Interests?

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