Structured Investments


Structured Investments utilize various trading techniques to provide a range of unique risk reduction and diversification strategies. Structured Investments are both compliments and/or alternatives to ETF and Index Fund investing.

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Custom tailored portfolios to fit your needs


Use hedging techniques to provide downside protection but still participate in the upside of the market


Seek to employ predictable and repeatable strategies


Investment selection in areas of the market commonly ignored by larger brokerage firms as compensation doesn’t match their needs

Structured Investments

Structured Investments provide investors with defined outcomes during markets with lots of uncertainty. They provide returns based on underlying assets with scenarios that include partial downside protection and potentially enhanced upside returns. There are many available Structured Investments today, however, not all are created equal. Once known as Wall Street’s Best Kept Secret, Structured Investments have grown in popularity as a hedge option in clients’ portfolios.

Blue Bell Wealth Management Advantages

  • Ability to monetize a particular market view
  • Access to a market that is difficult for individuals to enter
  • Add extra diversification to a portfolio; reduces risk of loss versus individual stocks or ETFs
  • Time-tested proprietary models
  • Competitive bidding process to minimize fees and maximize potential returns 
  • Digital notes provide positive returns in an unchanged market
  • Managed ladder portfolio versus clients being sold random products
  • Enhances covered call writing strategy

Benefits of Structured Investments

  • Defined outcomes, ability to monetize a particular market view
  • May provide partial downside principal protection
  • Potentially enhanced upside returns (in most cases up to a maximum return)
  • Repeatable strategies
  • Reduced volatility (or risk) within an investment
  • The ability to earn a positive return in low yield or flat equity market environments.
  • Tax-efficient access to fully taxable investments

Benefits of Structured Investments Ladder

  • Eliminates market timing
  • The more rungs in the ladder, the more stable your return
  • Creates steady cash flow
  • Reduces reinvestment risk
  • Reduces the negative of upside maximum caps
  • Potential to adjust strategy and take advantage of market conditions
  • Reinvestment advantages during declining markets

Benefits of Structured Investments Ladder

  • Credit Risk
  • Potential lack of market liquidity
  • Possible no dividend
  • Must hold to maturity to realize the full potential of downside protection and upside enhancement

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