How Much Are Fund Fees Costing You?

Imagine you are driving down the road and notice the much-dreaded gas light is blinking on your dashboard. You pull up to an intersection and spot a gas station on the left, advertising a price of $2.75/gallon, and another gas station on the right, with an advertised price of $2.45/gallon. Which way do you turn? […]

Beware “Hidden” Costs in Mutual Funds

Since the 1960’s, mutual funds have seen an exponential increases in demand. Mutual funds have basically become a “go-to” investment for retail and institutional investors alike. According to Investopedia, over $28 trillion is currently invested in mutual funds worldwide! Today, investors often praise mutual funds for their diversification and professional management. However, what is rather […]

Survivorship Bias

In recent years, professional baseball player Yasiel Puig has served as an inspiration for young athletes yearning to go from “rags to riches.” Puig, a 26 year old migrant from Cuba, has captured the attention of baseball fans with his speed, strong arm, and gregarious personality. His ability and personality helped solidified a seven-year, $42 […]

Steer Clear of Mutual Fund Fees and Closed End Fund IPOs

Last week, we discussed the importance of avoiding Equity-Indexed Annuities which give the illusion of principal protection and growth. This week, we will discuss how investors should ignore and avoid specific Mutual Funds and Closed End Funds (CEF) sold at the Initial Public Offering (IPO) in order to remain steadfast on the path to reaching […]