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Financial Advice in your 30’s

This blog may be my favorite one to write during our “age specific” financial advice blogs. That is because during the time of writing this I just turned 32 years old. So, I bring experience not only as an advisor but as a 30-year-old myself. I believe your 30’s are the time to pour the concrete for your financial foundation and set yourself up for success.

Financial Advice in your 40’s

Your 40’s are an interesting stage in the financial planning life cycle. For many, it is the halfway point between entering the work force and reaching full retirement age. It is also the age where most people realize they are behind the 8-ball and begin to engage in financial planning for the first time. How you invest and save for retirement in your 40’s can strongly impact your future success.

Financial Advice in your 50’s

Your 50’s are the peak of what is known as the “accumulation” phase in the financial planning world. These years are more than likely your highest earning years and often accompanied by lower than usual debt. Most of your effort should be spent focused on saving and investing as much as possible. It is also a good time to start planning for your retirement which could be as close as 5 years away.

Financial Advice in your 60’s

If you are like most Americans, your 60’s will be spent transitioning from work-life to retirement. This transition will be among the most exciting time of your life as well as the most stressful. The years leading up to and through retirement require an abundance of planning and it can be overwhelming. This blog consists of some tips for those in this phase of their life cycle.

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