2020 Guide to Social Security

Help With My Social Security Plan

Every year the Social Security Administration looks at the cost of living to adjust monthly benefits. This guide will highlight the changes for 2020 as well as provide some strategies to maximize your benefit.   Changes COLA Increase Based on the increase in Consumer Price Index (CPI) from the third quarter in 2018 to the […]

5 Things You Should Know About Social Security

For many retirees, Social Security will be their only source of income during retirement. Because of this we find it critical to educate our clients about the benefits that they are entitled to. Below are 5 facts about Social Security that you may not know: Divorced Spouses Can Benefit from Their Ex’s Earnings If you […]

4 Ways to Boost your Social Security Benefits

With the disappearance of pensions and longer life expectancy, social security benefits have become an increasingly important part of retirement planning. So, how can you make the most of your social security? Here is a quick list of four ways you can maximize your benefit. 1. Work Longer Nobody likes this idea; however, the fact […]