Biden Tax Proposals

Biden’s Tax Proposals  Below we have compiled several of the critical features of Joe Biden’s tax proposals. We have added commentary to clarify some of the proposals along with the significance of the changes. Please remember these are only initial proposals and there is no time frame for implementation. • Restoring the top marginal income […]

Markets Rising

Why are Markets Rising When Headlines Appear Ominous?   It was not long ago that many investors were asking how can stocks recover when everything I hear concerning COVID-19 is so dismal? Many are asking the same question regarding the looting and destruction of property occurring in cities across the country. Why are markets going […]

Market Update (corona virus)

Daily market movements have been unprecedented. Movements that typically take a year or longer are occurring in single trading days. The volatility is certainly unsettling, but it is not a time to attempt to time the market, rather it is time to maintain a long-term perspective. We all understand that is has been an awful […]

Thoughts on the Yield Curve Inversion

Our Thoughts on the Yield Curve Inversion The Trade “war of words” between the United States and China has been yo-yoing markets for the better part of the summer and may continue until both sides come to a finalized agreement. Most analysts agree that the US economy is the best suited economy in the world […]

Let’s Talk Taxes!

Blue Bell Private Wealth Management

There is only one reason why anyone invests their savings, to earn a return on that invested capital. However not all gains are created equal; in fact, two separate investments, both earning the same 5%, can have very different bottom lines. Why you may ask? Because of taxes. Taxable income and short-term capital gains are […]

Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” This is a well-known quote by Mike Tyson, who at the time was speaking with reporters that had asked him about Evander Holyfield’s boxing style and strategy prior to a fight. When speaking in 2012 with a reporter about the quote, Tyson explained, “If […]

The Power of Compound Growth

The 10 millionth Ford Mustang recently rolled off the assembly line. 10 MILLION! As amazing as 10 million is, there may be an even better story. The story of the first person to ever purchase the Ford Mustang was School teacher named Gail Brown, now Gail Wise. Gail purchased the car on April 15th, 1964 […]

Our Insights on the Recent Market Sell-Off

Keep everything in perspective: Monday’s headlines were scary if you saw a headline like this: “Dow plunges more than 1,100, largest single-day point drop in history.” Everything about that headline is true and Monday was certainly a miserable day for the markets, however, in percentage terms Monday only ranks as the 108th worst day in history. The […]

Pending Tax Bill: Items to Consider Prior to Year End

Pending tax bill: items to consider prior to year end Both the Senate and the House have passed their own versions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The differences between the versions must be resolved before the bill can be signed into law. While we do not have a final version there are some […]

Closed-End Fund Year End Distributions for 2017

Your online account value may appear lower than reality because of accrued (earned) but unpaid distributions. This does not affect values on your monthly statements because accrued but unpaid distributions are accounted for on them. Tis the start of the holiday season and along with Thanksgiving, Chanukah and Christmas comes year end Closed-End Fund distributions. Towards the […]

Are You Being Treated Fairly? Probably Not!

Finding a trusted advisor to partner with in managing your savings can be a daunting task, there are several attributes of that advisor and your relationship that should be taken into consideration. One of the most frustrating aspects of the search is the difficulty in determining the answer to the simple question “Will I be […]

The Death of “Death Taxes” in New Jersey

On October 14, 2016, Governor Chris Christie enacted a new law that will dramatically change the role of “death taxes” in New Jersey. “Death taxes” refer to estate and inheritance tax, which are incurred by heirs following the death of a relative. New Jersey, along with Maryland, are the only two states that levy both […]

“Frexit” Odds Decrease

The European markets and the majority of developed country stock markets are rallying on Monday after the first round of voting in French presidential election. Emmanuel Macron and Marie LePen will now face off on May 7th. This was considered the ideal scenario for the future of the European Union as polling predicts that pro-EU […]

109 Days Without an Accident

I recently walked into a local deli and noticed a sign proudly displayed which read, “78 Days without an accident.” I assume that between the knives, meat slicers and grill, 78 days is quite an accomplishment. The Dow Jones Industrial Average bested that streak going 109 days without a closing drop of more than 1%.  […]

Closed-End Funds Year End Distributions Explained

****Your online account value may appear lower than what it really is because of accrued (earned) but unpaid distributions****   Tis the start of the holiday season and along with Thanksgiving, Chanukah and Christmas comes year end Closed-End Fund distributions. Towards the end of each year Closed-End Funds (CEFs) must distribute realized capital gains. These […]

Reaction to the U.S. Presidential Election

Please do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call or email a member of our team regarding the election results and how it affects your portfolio. We want to be sure that you are aware we are here to speak with you individually and address any inquiries you may have regarding your current […]

Q2 2016 Update

There was no shortage of news during the first half of 2016. There was also no shortage of volatility, as we predicted in our first quarter newsletter. We spent a great deal of time in that newsletter discussing crude oil prices, both the positives for the consumers and the negatives for some U.S. companies. A […]

“Brexit” Stage Left

On Thursday the people of the United Kingdom voted in the British Exit Referendum (Brexit) to take United Kingdom out of the European Union to the surprise and disappointment of markets across the globe. The referendum was initiated by parliament and Britain’s Prime Minister, David Cameron, in their attempt to win their elections in 2015. The […]

Black Gold Loses Glitter and has the Stock Market Seeing Red

If you have filled your car up recently you were probably pleasantly surprised by the decline in gasoline prices.  Lower prices at the pump have been a direct result of plunging crude prices, something many consumers have been wishing for.  Lower prices at the pump put more money directly into consumers’ pockets and theoretically this […]

Closed-end Fund Year End Distributions

Tis the start of the holiday season, and along with Thanksgiving, Chanukah and Christmas comes year end closed-end fund distributions.   These distributions can be quite large and can make it appear as if your account has lost value until the distributions are paid.  Take for instance the closed-end fund General American Investors (symbol: GAM).  GAM […]

Tax Planning Can Improve Your Investment Returns

It is obvious that you enjoy earning profits from your investments. It is also obvious that very few investors enjoy paying taxes on their investment gains.  One aspect of investing that should not be overlooked is tax loss harvesting.  Tax loss harvesting is the process of reducing the taxable amount of a portfolio by offsetting […]

3rd Quarter Market Recap

In our January newsletter, we wrote about the numerous market prognosticators predicting an “Imminent 10% decline in the US equity markets.” Another quarter has passed without the equity markets suffering through this expected correction. A pullback of 10% or greater will certainly come. However, as we have said many times, “Trying to time the stock […]

Annuities – If They Sound Too Good To Be True, They Probably Are

Many variable annuities and index annuities promise a guaranteed return with upside stock market potential. You may have heard “You go up when the market goes up but you won’t go down when it goes down.”  What’s the catch? Let me begin by stating that the comments below refer to annuities sold as investment vehicles […]

The Key to Closed-end Fund Rights Offering is Oversubscribing

The closed-end funds H&Q Healthcare Investors (HQH) and H&Q Lift Sciences Investors (HQL) recently announced non-transferable rights offerings to each respective fund. HQH invests in public and private companies in the healthcare industry while HQL invests in public and private companies in the life sciences industry. Many may have heard the term “rights offering” tossed […]

As January Goes, So Goes the Market

You may have heard of the January barometer, which hypothesizes that the movement of the S&P 500 during the month of January sets the stock market’s direction for the year.  It is reported that the January barometer has been correct 88% of the time since 1950.  The S&P 500 declined 3.6% this past January. Steep […]